Poets Introduction

V V B Rama Rao

on July 22, 2010

Dr. V V B Rama Rao (b.1938) is a retired ELT professional. A creative writer he has about fifty books. He writes in English and his mother tongue, Telugu. He is also a prolific translator.
His publications include the biographies of Trailingaswamy (1607 -1887), Maharajah Ananda Gajapati Raju, Lal Ded, Shiv Yogini of Kashmir of the 15 th Century, and Unnava Lakhmi narayana.
He has to his credit four volumes of short stories in Telugu and one in English. He has five novels in Telugu and three in English.  He has a book of poems too.
In the field of religion and spirituality Dr. Rao published several books: The Joy of the Divine, Durgaspatashati, Shivapuran, Devibhagavatham, Guru Gita. In Telugu he wrote Lalleswarivaakkulu.  He wrote a book on Trailinga Swami (1607-1887), a saint from Andhra region.  The Walking Shiva of Varanasi is a chronicle of the saint’s life, legends and teachings, the very first full-length book in English on the legendary mahatma.
He has brought out rough and ready renderings of some highly venerated poetic and devotional works of Adi Shankara like Saundaryalahari, Shivanandalahari and spiritual works like Vivekachudamani Prakasham.  Garudpuran is his latest work.


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